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Victron CCGX / Colourscreen

One of the only energy monitoring devices equipped with a screen, for easy and quick viewing. The Victron CCGX pulls all components of your system into one easy to follow screen.

Victron CCGX key features:

The brains in off-grid and hybrid systems – monitoring and controlling the battery system, solar controller and solar inverters, to ensure optimum charging of your batteries.

Online monitoring – information is also sent to Victron’s online monitoring platform VRM. Where you can get a live view of the system and delve a bit deeper into graphs of voltage, amps and kilowatts.

Automatic generator start/stop – in an off-grid system, the CCGX can be used to automatically start your generator, when the batteries are low, ensuring the batteries stay healthy.

Victron CCGX Datasheet.