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Think Solar Group

Working together to provide the best experience in solar and storage

Tesla energy reseller

The Think Solar Group are experts in the design and installation of solar systems, batteries and off-grid systems.

We operate to connect our local branches across the South Island, working together to provide the best experience in solar and

We do this to help you transition to a low-carbon future.

Our Branches

Work with Tesla certified installers

We are one of the few New Zealand companies to be carefully selected to partner with Tesla.
As Tesla Certified Installers we are trained to install the Tesla Powerwall and adhere to strict quality requirements.
We carry stock of the Tesla Powerwall to ensure a smooth and quick solution for our clients considering storage.

How a solar system works

Hover over the image below for the key features of a solar system

Solar panels

Solar panels are usually mounted on the roof. Sunlight hits solar cells, where its energy is converted into DC electrical energy.


The inverter converts solar generated DC electricity into AC that can be used in the household. The inverter also monitors your solar system to ensure it performs as its best.


Energy flows through your home's switchboard and is distributed to your appliances accordingly.


The energy your solar system produces will always be used first. If you produce more than you need, surplus is sold back to the grid automatically.

Energy storage

A solar system can be expanded with a battery. Batteries store surplus energy to be used at night or through power cuts.


Your solar system can come with on line monitoring software so you can use an app or web to monitor your production and usage in real-time.

Knowledge Hub - learn about Solar

Here at Think Solar Group we want to help you understand solar and battery storage

That’s why we have come up with some short snippets, explaining the ins and outs of the solar world

Check them out and feel free to contact us if you want to learn more