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Battery Storage

Increase your independence from the grid and store energy from your solar panels.

Solar battery storage is the perfect addition to solar systems for those who want to store solar energy produced during the day to be used at night. Installing batteries can also protect you from power cuts if you are connected to the grid. If you’re looking to be completely energy independent, you may be looking to go off-the-grid.

When an excess of power is generated that is not required for the home or business, it is used to charge the batteries. The power is converted to DC electricity, then stored in the battery for use at your leisure.

Once the sun disappears, there is no more immediate power available and the two-way inverter converts the power back into AC electricity.

Once the batteries are fully charged, any further excess power produced is sold back to the grid. If you’re selling more power than you’re drawing, this could result in a nice wee bonus from your retailer.

We specialise in Tesla and BYD batteries, jump over to our products page to find out more.

Our expert team offer a complete solar and battery storage service, from the initial consultation and custom system design to installation and maintenance.

Off-grid or Grid-tied batteries

Solar power battery systems are designed for either on-grid assistance or off-grid use and there’s a huge difference between the two.

On-grid batteries will store your excess power for a day to use that night, while off-grid systems should last for three-to-five days without any extra solar generation. Be sure to ask how long the battery stores for before installing.

Solar batteries must be sized correctly to ensure the best fit for every home or business scenario. We offer a bespoke service and have a depth of experience to ensure you make the right choice. Contact us to discuss your best options.

Solar Battery Installation

Alternate options to batteries

For those who aren’t quite ready for a solar battery but have a handy hot water cylinder, you can divert power here to heat your water which you can then use throughout the night and following days at your leisure. There’s nothing like getting clean with clean energy.

We offer the ohm pilot. This smart device will only heat your hot water element with the amount of power you would otherwise send to the grid. Check it out here.

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