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Tesla Time-Based Control

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Let’s dive into something that could revolutionise your home energy management: Tesla Powerwall’s Time-Based Control feature. It’s a smart and efficient way to handle your energy usage, ensuring you save money while using energy more wisely.

What is Time-Based Control?

So, what is Time-Based Control? It’s essentially your Powerwall acting as a smart energy manager. It charges when your electricity costs are low and powers your home when costs are high. This clever scheduling, based on changing electricity rates throughout the day, helps you cut down your energy bill.

How does Time-Based Control work?

Powerwall continuously runs an “energy forecast” by learning the patterns of your energy use. When there is not enough solar production and the forecast shows that you are likely to use energy at a high-cost time (peak period), your Powerwall will charge from the grid during a low-cost time (off-peak period) and discharge to cover your energy demand during that high-cost time.

For example, if it sees you lack enough charge for the morning peak period (before your solar starts producing), it will charge from the grid at night when rates are lower. This way, it can discharge during the morning peak, saving you money.

Depending on your electricity retailer, your Powerwall will not only cover your home during peak periods using cheaper power, it can also sell low-cost energy back to the grid when prices are higher. For example, Octopus currently offers 40 cents per kWh for export during peak periods over winter. Tesla’s Time-Based Control can take advantage of this, charging when the rate is 20 cents per kWh and discharging when you’ll earn 40 cents per kWh.

Why You’ll Love It

Save more money, with less work

We all love lower energy bills. Time-Based Control uses your stored energy at the best times, reducing grid reliance when prices peak. And it works automatically, so you don’t even have to think about it

Take pressure off the grid

Peak times stress the grid, which can lead to blackouts. With your Powerwall stepping in, you save money and help reduce grid pressure. This ensures your home stays powered and lowers the risk of widespread outages for everyone.

Customisable for Your Power Plan

Tesla knows one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why you can tailor Time-Based Control to to match your retailer plan, getting the most out of your Powerwall.

Easy Set up

Setting up Time-Based Control with your Tesla app is simple. Watch the video below for a clear explanation. If you need help or have questions, we’re just a call or email away.

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