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How long is my solar system under warranty?

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A new solar system represents a significant investment so making sure your investment is future proof is a wise move. There are different warranties for different parts of your solar system. Knowing the difference between them and what products feature the best warranties is important to ensure you are protected. So let’s look into the different types of warranties.


Solar Panel Warranty 

Before we dive into the details of solar panel warranty, it’s worth noting that statistically solar PV modules are very unlikely to fail. The vast majority of panels never have a fault, as there are no moving parts. They will produce clean energy for decades without any issues, that said, it’s always best to be prepared.

Almost all solar panel manufacturers offer two warranties: a performance warranty and an equipment guarantee.

Performance warranty
This type of warranty guarantees that a solar panel’s production rate does not drop below 90% for the first 12 years and 80% in the first 25 years. For example, this means a 320W will still be producing at least 288W of power at year 10 and 256W at year 25.

Equipment warranty
Guaranteed against material defects in design, materials and workmanship that impair the performance of the module for 10 years.

All our carefully selected products offer replacement panels if their product does not perform as promised. If you do discover an issue with your solar panels it is worth bearing in mind that manufacturers require inspection and test reports to be completed before approving a warranty claim.


Inverter Warranty 

The inverter is the component more likely to fail when looking at the longevity of your solar system. Although it has no moving parts, it works hard every day to convert DC electricity generated by your solar panels to AC electricity you can use in your property. We only use top of the range inverters for the very reason.

Most manufacturers offer at least 5 years. Our preferred supplier, Fronius, provides a 10 year product warranty.  Similarly to solar panel manufacturers, inspection and testing is required to establish the fault and provide a replacement. We always look to minimise downtime so you keep on producing clean energy.


Workmanship Warranty 

Whereas product warranties protect you against component related issues, workmanship warranties protect you from labour related defects. Such as those arising from the actual installation process.

Our workmanship warranties include:

  • The optimum design, assembly and installation of the solar system.
  • The system will perform as predicted without malfunction.
  • Any defects that may arise will be fixed free of charge withing the warranty period of 5 years.

Solar workmanship warranties vary depending on the installer. With the help of monitoring your solar panels (in real-time) we can assist if any faults occur throughout the lifetime of your system. Our warranty doesn’t stop after the installation, we offer a comprehensive post-installation service giving you peace of mind for your investment.

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